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Do you have a Teenage

or Pre-teen


Is she living up to her POTENTIAL?


Would you like to know what it takes to Empower your Daughter and watch her THRIVE?


Girls today need specific skills to get ahead


Growth Mindset

Financial Literacy

Creating her Personal Brand

Career Selection & Development





Parents: Be forward thinking and give your daughter the skills she needs to



Join US for:

Creating Resilience &

Cultivating a Growth Mindset  

Two of the MOST essential skills for EVERY teen
Parent and Daughter event

Girls age guide  10-18 years

Saturday 16th MARCH

Sydney powerhouse museum



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Teenage girls today face so many challenges

They need to be able to engage with the world through a place of worthiness, creativity, respect and compassion (for self and others), vulnerability and perseverance and above all a sense of courage and resilience.



Macinley Butson - 2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year

A rising star in the male-dominated world of science, Macinley Butson achieved international success in 2017

when she received the First Award in the category of

medical science at the prestigious INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair.


Each year, more than seven million high school students develop original research projects for the world’s largest international science competition. Macinley’s idea, ‘Smart Armour’, is a shield that can be used by breast cancer patients to protect their non-treated breast while undergoing radiotherapy treatment.


Join Macinley as she takes us through her personal and professional journey full of adversity, discovery, growth and triumph. 

Danielle Miller - Enlighten Education 

Dannielle Miller is the co-founder and CEO of Enlighten Education, Australia’s leading provider of in-school workshops for girls. Enlighten conducts workshops with more than 20,000 girls each year in Australia, NZ, Singapore & Malaysia. 


Dannielle is the author of five books including best-selling  Butterfly Effect: A Positive New Approach to Raising Happy, Confident Teen Girls.

She regularly writes for leading Australian print and online publications 


Join us as Dannielle works with the girls to teach them strategies of resilience through an entertaining and sometimes emotional journey of discovery and understanding

Susan Mackie - Growth Mindset Institute

Susan Mackie is a WORLD LEADING  researcher and GROWTH MINDSET expert. 


Susan's professional work started in the area of cognitive thinking working with children across all ages and needs. 

Through the work of the Elevo Institute (formally the de Bono Institute), Susan has refined her knowledge and expertise in developing the ‘learnable intelligence’ of Australia’s young people as creative thinkers, designers and thought leaders for the future.


Join Susan as she teaches us the mental and emotional strategies to having a Growth mindset and how that translates to success in ALL areas of Life!

Lily Somerville-Knott 
Author and Social Justice Advocate

12-year-old Lily is an Author, motivational speaker, equal rights and social justice advocate

Lilly writes adventure stories with a positive message to help kids in need.  Lilly speaks out on bullying, discrimination, equal rights and justice

Her first book 'Chelsea the Interrupting Cow' will be released in 2019.


Despite her young age, Lilly has faced more challenges than most. 

Join Lilly as she speaks about her daily challenges and how her Growth Mindset helps her through these obstacles on a daily basis

Holley Sommerville-Knott 
 Environmentalist and Founder 
Tell Someone Who Cares

15-year-old and CEO & Founder of social enterprise Tell Someone who Cares, Holley is dedicated to disrupting the palm oil industry by promoting education, animal rights and trade that helps vulnerable Indigenous peoples of the Borneo Rainforest.


Holley’s mission is to educate, spread kindness and joy and disrupt old paradigms and destructive practices that harm the planet and its beings. To do business in a way that fits within our planet’s boundaries, to inspire others and co-create change for our planet, and future generations


Holley’s motto is: The world is not on remote, you have to get up and change it yourself!  



Join Holley as she shares her passion and challenges - both professional and personal for a true journey of Resilience! 


Holley and her sister Lilly are the Girl Ready Youth Ambassadors 2019

A true Gift for EVERY GIRL 

Saturday 16th MARCH

Sydney powerhouse museum  


Give your Daughter the GIFT of RESILIENCE and the Knowledge and Ability to face Life's Challenges

Creating Resilience.  

Cultivating a Growth Mindset.   

Parent and Daughter event

Girls age guide 10-18 years

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