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The story of an iGen daughter and an X-Gen mum


She was born ... on a sunny Friday afternoon and she was perfect. 

Dreams of  'who' she would become warmed my heart as she grew from an infant into a toddler and then a school kid. 


She was aminated, exuberant, quick as a whip and happy...

So Happy!

I dreamed of raising a girl who was strong, well-rounded, independent, driven... 

Isn’t that every parents’ dream?
To raise a daughter who can defeat all challenges, reach all heights of success and have in her life everything she dreams of?
But, very quickly my FEARS as a parent set in.  Am I doing this right? Am I doing enough?  Why did I raise my voice? 
Was that fight necessary? 
How do I stay calm and rational?  
How do I keep her safe?
How do I teach her to be strong and independent yet mark my advice? 
Why does she challenge my authority when I am trying to teach her simple life lessons?
Inwardly, I cringed at the daily mistakes I was certain I was making!

I had asked for a strong, free-willed child and that is what I had created. 

A child who thought on her own terms, who had different ideas,

who feared NOTHING and

challenged EVERYTHING

I realised quickly, that raising a resilient girl, with a strong will and determination to succeed meant
"I" was the one who had to learn
It was obvious what she needed from me was different to what I believed.
And as I looked around, this was the same for every parent I knew. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful,
I thought,
to be able to
"Fill in the Gap - from School to LIFE!" 
To teach my daughter, along with other daughters,
all the skills EVERY girl needs to reach her own potential and succeed on the path she chooses? 
And so ...
 Girl Ready
was born 
with some of the most incredible minds and achievers from across Australia and the Globe, 
we help your Teen create her best self.
From United Nations Peace Prize Recipients, 
and CYBER safety
experts to
Teen Entrepreneurs and everything in between -
let us help you on your journey in raising your incredible daughter
We invite you all,
as parents -
to make your daughters 
We look forward to seeing you at our seminars,
workshops, and events!
Is your
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