They say "it takes a village to raise a child" It's a communal affair. 

As parents,  haven't there been times when we wished for a manual, a checklist, a 'village'  or even a magic lamp we could rub to get an answer to baffling teen behavior?  

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Our Team 

The Girl Ready Team consists of over 30 incredible local and internationally acclaimed speakers, experts, facilitators, and leaders all dedicated to enriching the lives of our iGen teen girls. 

Coupled with guest speakers ranging from global cybersecurity experts to UN Peace prize recipients, our speakers are second to none. 

With the gap between school education and life skills broadening, it's time that we give our teen girls the resources and skills that they need to soar!


Yelling silences your message. 

Speak quietly so your Teen can HEAR your WORDS instead of just your VOICE.

L R Knost 

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