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An Australian first! -  Saturday 17th August
CBD, Sydney 
Personal Brand, Digital Footprint and Social Resilience:
for teen girls


Social Media Networking is the current most popular activity for girls in Australia.

Used by 91% of teens

aged 14 - 19 yrs


With every click, like, comment & post,

teens are creating their own personal brand.  

What is that Brand saying

to the World?

What happens when the 'Likes' and 'Comments' are not flattering? 

How does she bounce back from social media rejection?  

How do you pro-actively help your teen build the resilience she needs for the Social Media age? 

Our Presenters

Who are

L&A Social?

The L&A seed was planted in the eye of our founder, Gina Lednyak, when she took part in the original test group for Facebook while studying psychology at Boston University.

Originally from Belarus with English as a second language,

Gina always understood the necessity of communication & community tribes,

and she immediately saw the concept of an online platform designed for global communication as an opportunity.


She saw the value in social media, before social media marketing had begun.

The L&A seed has grown into a global social marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia.

Working across an exciting portfolio of established consumer and challenger brands, they apply the principles of human psychology to build strong communities for your brand, driving awareness, affinity, and growth.

They are passionate about creating more magic and adding value to the world.

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