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September 7th & 8th : Blue Mountains

The Most Precious Bond ... at the Ultimate Retreat!

All events on hold due to COVID-19

she is your precious

little girl...

Who has grown up way too quickly... 

In the blink of an eye, she has gone from toddler to teen

Now, you see a young woman, seeking her independence and freedom... 

Now, it's time the

two of you spent real, connected, uninterrupted time away together...

The Ultimate Retreat!


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 A Weekend of Connection and Growth : 


A weekend of learning tailored to the Mother & Teen Daughter Duo at the stunning Parkland Gardens Estate in Blackheath (a member of the Escarpment Group)  


An incredible weekend of hands-on workshop learning 

blended with 

relaxation, superb dining and cuisine direct from Garden to Plate and

an incredible amount of fun thrown in too! 


Out time will be spent learning together as Mother & Daughter


in separate sessions with only our peers allowing for deep sharing and connection 

Over this incredible weekend, you will learn and experience a great deal...  with the most important learning experience being about each other and about yourself! 

We will cover the topics of:

Emotional Resilience 

Mindfulness: Managing Stress and Worry (for both Mother and Daughter issues)

Authentic Communication between Mother & Daughter - the Art of Connection 

How to resolve conflict and the Art of Listening

6 Domains of Resilience (with interactive activities to develop all 6 domains)

Yoga (optional) 

Walking Meditation

A Treasure Hunt - With a DIFFERENCE!

All valued at $580 per delegate

The Cost of the weekend includes: 

Expert speakers and coaches 

A stunning venue in the heart of the Blue Mountains

Decadent Morning tea (both days) 

Gourmet Lunch prepared with only the finest & freshest ingredients from the Parklands Garden

Scrumptious Afternoon tea

Gourmet Dinner - individually prepared from menu selection (made prior to event arrival to ensure the freshest ingredients are available straight from the garden)

 Our Retreat Commences 

Day 1:

Saturday 7th September at 8am (registration) 

8.30am Welcome and Event start

Structured learning will end at 5.30

allowing free time to relax, indulge in the SPA or enjoy the stunning grounds before dinner 

Day 2:

Sunday 9th September 

Commences at 8.30 and concludes at 12.30 (includes morning tea)

If choosing to stay at Parklands - All accommodation includes Breakfast.  There are many wonderful locations for accommodation in the Blue Mountains.  Chose to arrive on Friday night or Saturday morning... the choice is yours!

Accommodation is not included in the price of the weekend conference. 

Please see the template for booking accommodation at Parklands

A Mother & Daughter Getaway like no other before...

In a stunning venue and incredible location

in beautiful blooming gardens of Parklands in Spring time 

So ... What are you waiting for? 

Register now the for weekend of a lifetime with your daughter!


Places are limited  

Meet Our Incredible Coaches 

Jodie Gien 


In our fast-paced, social media-driven and highly competitive environments, our teens (and us mums!) are expected to continually ‘show up’ while facing increasing levels of stress, pressure, worry, and burnout.

Now, more than ever, we need to equip our teens (and ourselves) with deeper skills to survive and thrive in our changing world.

Based in neuroscience, the internationally recognised practice of mindfulness teaches us how to recognise and manage stress and anxiety, overcome worry and negative thinking, develop stronger emotional resilience and self-awareness, access creative problem-solving skills and respond more wisely in the face of difficulty. The skills of mindfulness increase our ability to focus, think clearly and remain calm in high-pressure situations such as exams, performances, and presentations and build the confidence to step up to the inevitable challenges in life, knowing we have the internal resources to handle whatever comes our way. 

Jodie's sessions will cover essential topics of: 

Managing Stress & Worry 

Building Emotional Resilience

Living Mindfully


Jodie Gien, the founder of Mindful Future Project, is a committed mindfulness teacher with a longstanding personal practice of her own. Jodie is a human rights lawyer, mindfulness trainer, and experienced consultant. Jodie works with teams, schools, athletes, not for profits, and legal and corporate organisations to teach the skills of mindfulness and develop the self-awareness underpinning the qualities of mindful leadership.

Having previously worked for many years as a human rights lawyer and mediator, leading a team of lawyers and mediators at the Australian Human Rights Commission, and then as an executive coach specialising in mindfulness, she is committed to fostering potential and bringing out the best in people.


Jodie is a qualified meditation teacher and accredited mindfulness trainer with both Oxford University’s Mindfulness in Schools Project in England and the esteemed Gawler Foundation in Australia.

Jodie also writes for Wellness Magazine.

Tulsi Van De Graff


Communication is the key to understanding, connection and a developing relationship with your children, your family and everyone around you.

We are all taught from an early age to read, write, speak ...but are we ever taught how to truly communicate? 

The sad truth is in general, our experiences of growing up do not teach us how to actively listen with empathy (rather than problem solve or judge), how to resolve conflict in a way that supports connection rather than creates disconnection or how to manage our own challenging emotions.

Tulsi van de Graaff is a communication and conflict resolution specialist and she will be working with you and your daughters to build on your strengths and further develop your communication and conflict resolution skills.

Tulsi brings her own experience of raising two daughters, including a current teenager, her background in child protection and skills as a coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker to workshop how as mothers and daughters we can do more to find greater connection and understanding.

Tulsi is a Partner at Brave People Solution and specialises in solving complex and challenging people, communication and culture problems, repairing broken teams and enhancing organisational cultural change.  She also presents on child protection and child wellbeing and is a former lawyer with a psychology, mediation and counselling background. 

Maria Borg 


Maria Borg is the Founder of Girl Ready.

Her mission is to close the knowledge gap for teen girls between what they are taught in the academic arena and the human-based skills they need to succeed and thrive on their chosen path in life.  Helping them become the new thought leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow and to find success in however they personally define it.   

Maria’s entire 23 year-long-career has centered around the development of people and studying the human connection having spent most of her career in Corporate Training, Recruitment and Neurolinguistics.  She is also a certified Nutritional Therapist, Resilience Coach and currently completing her accreditation as a Yoga instructor.. not to mention the mother of a Teen and Pre-teen!

She now views herself as a change facilitator calling upon thought leaders, visionaries and experts alike to create one community for assisting the development of our future female thought leaders. 

She urges every woman to join her…

Our Stunning Venue & Location

We look forward to Welcoming you to an incredible Weekend! 

Places are limited

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