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Day 4: Spring Sunrise

The rear half of our home has a flat roof - so at certain times of the year my teenagers and I climb out onto the roof with a thermos of something delicious and watch the sun come up (we get to the roof from the inside of the house due to some funky design elements!)

The delight and satisfaction on the face of my 13 year old son as he brings in the new day, out there - on the roof - is priceless and it is also something special between us - in those peaceful moments when there is not another soul in sight.

Bringing in the new day can be special from any vantage point, as long as you have the right 3 elements:

  1. the right people

  2. the right nibbles (our go-to is a nice warm croissant)

  3. the right hot drink

So, Day 4 of our Creative challenge is to watch the sun rise, with your beautiful teens (and family) with a nice cup of something warm and just breathe in the day...

Believe me: your teenagers will talk about it for years to come!

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